Mynta in India   (2010-10-10)
Mynta is having a new tour in India Oct 12-26, 2010. We play concerts in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa and Nagpur. Read more about Mynta in India here Länk

Mynta celebrates 30-years and releases a new CD.   (2009-01-26)
In March Mynta will have a 4-weeks tour in Sweden, celebrating 30 years of making good music. The new CD "Meetings in India" will be released at the same time. To listen to some tracks click on "music". Enjoy!

Mynta in India   (2008-01-23)
So it´s time for the yearly India-tour. This time in New Delhi (Jan 24), Bangalore (Jan 26), Bombay (Jan 28) and ending in Calcutta Jazz Festival (Jan 31). If you are near, pop in!

Mynta in India again   (2006-12-31)
On Jan 20, 2007 Mynta will start a 3 weeks tour in India. The tour will be in 6 cities and it includes a spectacular show on board at the Swedish old ship "Götheborg" in Chennai on Feb 1 and Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai on Feb 4.

Mynta in My Space   (2006-12-12)
Check out more about Mynta at My Space here

New CD/DVD   (2006-02-25)
On March 1 the new album "HOT DAYS" will be released. This is a compilation from Myntas 5 studio-albums from 1988-2003. It also includes a live DVD from Jazzclub Fasching in Stockholm. Read more and listen to samples here.

Mynta success in India   (2005-12-05)
Mynta had a great tour in India in November and had a fantastic respons in the festivals we played. Read some reviews here and here. We hope to be back soon.

Mynta-tour in India   (2005-11-05)
In Nov 16-28 Mynta fly to India for 6 concerts in New Delhi, Bombay, Madras, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. JAZZ UTSAV and THE HINDU FRIDAY REVIEW NOVEMBER FESTIVAL are the highlights on this tour.

Mynta-Radio   (2005-06-05)
Now you can listen to all the CD:s that Mynta has recorded through the years in streaming Internet Radio. Just navigate to "music" and click on the old radio, and you will hear totally more than 5 hours of great worldmusic from Mynta - enjoy!

Mynta on Swedish TV   (2005-06-03)
On June 21 att 22.45 "Mynta Live at Fasching" - a 30 min live-recording including interviews, will be shown on Swedish National TV Channel 1 (SVT 1). Put on your TV or video and enjoy!